Stephen Left Bio

Capturing the perfect light in wildlife or landscape paintings sets the mood for the entire piece. Highlights and shadows play an important role in all of my work. Whether it’s a sunrise, sunset, or an overcast day, the lighting becomes an integral part of the painting, transporting you to another location or a memory. This is what I love to do.

I am a storyteller. I use paint and canvas to tell the tale. Although, I can tell a story the traditional way, as some fellow artists will attest to, I have been sketching and painting since elementary school. I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1978 to make my way in the illustration world. I worked with many advertising agencies in South Florida and won many awards in the advertising industry.

Then, in 2000, I went to an artist workshop in Montana. I was introduced to an impressionistic form of painting by the late Paco Young. His style was exciting and magical, my style was very detailed and I couldn’t wait to try something new. In another workshop, supported by the Susan K. Black Foundation, I was introduced to plein – aire painting where I loosened my style and improved my feel for light, color and atmosphere.

Currently, I create shirt designs for Salt Life, a company that is all about living, playing and working in marine related activities. Fishing, diving, surfing and anything to do with living the “Salt Life” is what it is all about. So now I dance between the worlds of wildlife / landscape painter and graphic artist.

I reside in Pompano Beach, Florida and my marine art and some of my bird paintings are at The Redbone Gallery in Islamorada, Florida, otherwise known as “The Keys”, and my shirt designs can be found in sporting good stores across the country…